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  • Tasteful Selections releases a new feature for consumers to find bite-size potatoes near them
Tasteful Selections releases new online feature to help consumers find bite-size potatoes near them

In celebration of 10 years, Tasteful Selections adds store locator to their new website.

As part of their 10-year celebration and in response to their consumers, Tasteful Selections®, a pioneer and leader in the bite-size potato category, has added a new feature to its recently revamped website.

Tim Huffcutt, Vice President of Sales & Marketing Operations at Tasteful Selections:

“Our consumers asked and we’ve listened.”

“In addition to the website we launched in April, which improved the ease and functionality of our site, we have now added a store locator function making it easier for consumers to find our products whether in nearby stores or via online channels.”

Since the brand’s origination, Tasteful Selections has strived to help consumers save time in the kitchen. With quick cook-times and thin skins, their bite-size potatoes are the perfect quick and flavorful dish. Now, Tasteful Selections will help consumers save time before the kitchen.

(Click picture to watch video)

The newly added store locator feature will help consumers find Tasteful Selections products, at a retail store near their home.

In addition to time saving, consumers have more chances to win this month. What better way to explore the new store locator than with an all-new Fire HD 8 Tablet?

Tasteful Selections also continues their '10th-day Instagram Giveaway,' giving away free potatoes to two lucky winners on the 10th of this and every month in 2020.

Continue the celebration with Tasteful Selections and visit