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US Potato Retail Sales Steady for Q2

Potato Retail Sales Steady for Q2

Potato Retail Sales in the United States Steady for Q2

February 14, 2020
IRI data for the second quarter of the marketing year (October through December 2019) showed success with dollars and a decline in volume for total potato sales at retail in the United States.

Total dollar sales increased by 1.8% and volume decreased by 0.1%. Potato chips, frozen potatoes, refrigerated potatoes, and dehydrated potatoes increased in sales volume.

Refrigerated potatoes saw a 7.1% lift in dollar sales and a 3.7% lift in volume sales, the largest for any category.

Canned potatoes and deli-prepared sides declined in sales volume. Canned potatoes declined in both dollar sales by 1.1% and volume sales by 5.0%.

Fresh potato sales increased in dollar sales by 1.4%. Volume sales for fresh potatoes declined by 0.9% during the second quarter. Red potatoes were the main driver in the decline in fresh potato sales volume.

Dollar sales declined by 0.9%, and volume sales declined by 11.5% for fresh red potatoes. Russet dollar sales decreased by 1.5% and volume sales were down by 1.7%.

Yellow, white, medley, and purple fresh potatoes saw an increase in both dollar and volume sales.

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Potatoes USA - until recently named the United States Potato Board (USPB) - is the nation’s potato marketing organization. Potatoes USA is the central organizing force in implementing programs that will increase demand for potatoes.