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  • The potato company Scotty Brand saves 27 tons of plastic from its packaging
The potato company Scotty Brand saves 27 tons of plastic from its packaging

In one year, a Scottish potato company removed almost 27 tons of plastic from its packaging.

In September 2019, Scotty Brand said it had implemented a number of plastic saving initiatives across its range to help protect the environment.

These include lighter, recyclable plastic, baby potato pouches, and chippy chip packs on its 2kg potato pouches, as well as the removal of skins from its baked potato packs.

In total, through these steps, Scotty Brand has saved 26,890 kg of plastic.

The University of St. Andrews hydrogen specialists aim to help transform the rail industry.

The plastic savings are part of a broader environmental conservation program. For instance, Albert Bartlett's parent company has also introduced thinner recyclable bags, saving the company 92 tons of plastic.

Recycling on the front of its bags and packaging is currently featured by the Airdrie-based company, which partners with producers across Scotland.

It also provides guidance on its website to demonstrate the parts of its packaging – such as its plastic berry bags, soup pots, and lids – that can be widely recycled, as well as the parts of its packaging for which it is working on a recycling solution.

Michael Jarvis from Scotty Brand's:
“We supply our family of farmers across Scotland with the best seasonal Scottish produce and we want to do our part to ensure that the soil and environment in which they grow their produce is as healthy as possible.”

“In the last year, we have taken steps to introduce thinner plastic bags and remove plastic trays, and we are proud to say that we have saved almost 27 tons.”
We continue to look for other ways of using more recyclable materials, and we are doing our best to protect the earth and minimize food waste, which in itself is a big contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

We wholeheartedly endorse campaigns like 'Wasting Food: It's no longer fit for purpose' from WRAP (Waste and Energy Action Programme).

David Moon, of WRAP:
“The parent company of Scotty Brand, Albert Bartlett, is an active member of Courtauld 2025 and focuses on the prevention of food waste.”

“Reducing plastic packaging should never come at the expense of protecting the food it contains, and it's great to see the company reducing its plastic footprint while avoiding unnecessary food waste.”