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Food Trends
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Food Trends

Mapping and evaluating the health of potato fields based on satellite data
Rezatec - a UK based company focused on the analysis and interpretation of satellite data - has in collaboration with AHDB Potatoes investigated the effectiveness of using satellite data to map the extent of potato crops in pilot locations across the UK.
Potatoes South Australia turns uglie tatties in
Potatoes South Australia is searching and finding new applications for potato waste
Thursday, October 4, 2018
Calbee exits Calbee-URC joint venture focused on the snack market in the Phillipines
Japanese snack food manufacturer Calbee has transferred all its shares in the Calbee-URC, Inc. joint venture targeting the Philippine snack market to Universal Robina Corporation (URC).
New Innovation Centre Avebe to combine knowledge and stimulate cooperation
After a construction period of more than a year, the new Avebe Innovation Centre at the Zernike Campus in Groningen was inaugurated Friday by René Paas, Commissioner of the King for the province of Groningen
Sunday, September 30, 2018
Europe's small potatoes a problem for McDonald's
Customers of McDonald's in Europe might find that their favorite fries are shorter than usual. Blame the weather: smaller potatoes result in shorter fries.
Empty chip bags mailed back to Walkers in protest against plastic packaging
British potato chip maker Walkers is being inundated with mail deliveries of its own packaging. Empty bags are mailed to Walkers to hold the company accountable for its packaging waste and to pressure the company to come up with a better design.
Los satélites protegen el sector de la papapa en Europa
La papa enfrenta hoy varios desafíos, que van desde su almacenamiento hasta el monitoreo de enfermedades. Afortunadamente, un nuevo servicio de datos satelitales ayudará a enfrentarlos.
Thursday, September 27, 2018
AVEBE pays out full result to its starch potato growers and increases advance
Dutch potato starch manufacterer Avebe has announced that the advance payment for potatoes delivered is being increased to 67 euros a tonne and that the full result of the cooperative will go to the members.