KMC CEO Nicolai Hansen resigns
January 08, 2019
At the Annual General Meeting at KMC , it was announced that CEO Nicolai Hansen at his own request has decided to resign from his position by the end of June 2019.
Cargill and AKV Langholt invest in USD 22.5M potato starch factory in Denmark
January 30, 2018
Cargill and its Danish potato starch partner, AKV Langholt AmbA, are investing $22.5 million USD (EUR 19 million) in a new potato starch production unit at their Langholt facility in Denmark.
Lihme Protein Solutions licenses its functional protein technology to potato starch companies KMC and AKV Langholt
December 20, 2017
Starch manufacturers KMC and AKV Langholt aim to establish commercial production of functional potato proteins from the potato fruit juice remaining after starch extraction, using Lihme Protein Solutions’ proprietary technology
Research in Denmark: potato waste a potential goldmine
October 09, 2017
A New research partnership in Denmark will utilize potato and seaweed waste streams for ingredient production.
Siccadania is installing the two largest flash dryers in Denmark dryers, as part of AKM expansion.
October 07, 2017
Potato starch producer AKM in Brande, Denmark, has entrusted SiccaDania to design and build the two largest flash dryers ever installed in Denmark.
Nicolai Hansen, Managing Director of Danish Potato Starch manufacturer KMC
September 05, 2017
Nicolai Hansen, Managing Director of potato starch coop KMC explains how the company is 'taking food forward'
Danish KMC Launches New Potato Starch Based Solution for Vegan Cheese
October 05, 2015
Cheese lovers that cannot or will not eat cheese have to look for vegan options to add a savory note to their food. With the new potato based CheeseMaker solutions from Danish Potato Starch manufacturer KMC, it has now become easier to formulate products for this growing consumer segment.
KMC headquarters
October 05, 2015
KMC is no longer 'just' a company selling huge amounts of potato starch. Today the company is considered a serious and modern food ingredients supplier. KMC's introduces new branding to reflect that.
Starch Manufacturer KMC visited by Danish Minister of Trade and Development
April 18, 2015
Early April the Danish Minister of Trade and Development Mogens Jensen visited potato starch manufacturer KMC and the AKK-factory in Karup.
KMC builds new state-of-the-art spray tower for potato based starches
June 15, 2014
Early 2014, KMC started operating its new spray tower for its unique spray cooking technology for potato-based starches.