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We must be more effective with our resources to provide food for everyone, so every crop matters and, in the bigger picture, every piece of produce counts.

Technology is crucial to enhanced sustainability

January 17, 2018
With a rapidly expanding global population and limited food supply, it’s vital for food businesses to work more sustainably and stay profitable. Bjorn Thumas, director business development food, TOMRA Sorting Food offers his vision
The new 1820 machines offer continuous peeling, scrubbing and/or washing at a lower capacity, ideal for processors looking to upgrade from batch processing

Vanmark expands its Peeler-Scrubber-Washer line with lower capacity 1820 Series

January 07, 2018
Equipment manufacturer Vanmark now offers with the 1820 series a lower capacity continuous Peeler/Scrubber/Washer suitable for potatoes. The new machinery is ideal for processors that increase automation or are upgrading from batch processing
tna has expanded its range of high-efficiency Florigo ultra-peel® SSC 3 steam peeling solutions for potatoes, baby carrots and other vegetables.

Equipment manufacturer tna expands its range of low maintenance steam peelers

December 04, 2017
Processing and packaging equipment manufacturer tna has expanded its range of high-efficiency Florigo ultra-peel® SSC 3 steam peeling solutions for potatoes, baby carrots and other vegetables.
Thomas Molnar, global sales and marketing communications director at TOMRA Sorting Food: “Turkey and Italy, are key markets for TOMRA [...] It is therefore important that we can provide information to both our customers and prospects in their own langua

TOMRA Sorting Food launches Turkish and Italian Websites

October 10, 2017
TOMRA Sorting Food has launched two new websites, one in Italian and one in Turkish.
From left to right: TOMRA Sorting Food’s regional sales director, Steven Van Geel; Don Wang, president, Aviko SnowValley; Tommy Yu, area sales manager, TOMRA Sorting Food; and TOMRA Sorting Food’s agent Luke Qu, general manager, Beijing HMA

New Aviko Snow Valley French Fry factory equipped with TOMRA sorters and peeler

October 02, 2017
The new Aviko Snow Valley French Fry factory in China will be equipped with TOMRA's Eco steam peeler and its newest optical sorters.
The new Sormac MS-30 knife peeler.

Sormac introduces a new MS-30 knife peeler with a higher capacity.

September 25, 2017
Sormac has introduced a new MS-30 knife peeler suitable for potatoes and other root crops, featuring a 3-metre long drum making it a great fit for production lines with a higher processing capacity.
Heat and Control - Leaderboard - 20220920
The new branding pays homage to Vanmark’s history, while showcasing a refreshed bright blue color pallet, highlighting its dependability, and imagery showing applications before and after processing.

Equipment Manufacturer Vanmark launches New Brand, Website

September 12, 2017
Vanmark, a commercial potato and produce processing equipment manufacturer, recently rebranded and unveiled a new website.
Penn State Researcher Ali Demirci adjusts a bioreactor in which potato waste is being used to produce bioethanol with a novel process that simultaneously employs mold and yeast to convert starch to sugar and sugar to ethanol.

Penn State Researchers find new way to convert potato waste to ethanol

August 17, 2017
With more than two dozen companies in Pennsylvania manufacturing potato chips, it is no wonder that researchers in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences have developed a novel approach to more efficiently convert potato waste into ethanol.
Site manager Simon Devaney reveals the secret of Walkers’ success

Inside Walkers - the biggest crisp factory in the world

August 02, 2017
The Leicester Mercury brings you this seldom-told story of The Biggest Crisp Factory in the World, a vast grey building in Leicester (United Kingdom) where Walkers produces seven million bags of potato chips (crisps) every day.
The Tummers Group introduces a new high capacity potato sorter with overlapping beds.

Tummers keeps developing its potato processing equipment!

July 30, 2017
The Tummers Group highlights the improvements made of its potato processing machinery in response to demands of the market.


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