Egypt imported 131 thousand tons of seed potato and 25 thousand tons of potato products (French Fries and Chips)

Egypt imported 131 thousand tons of seed potato and 25 thousand tons of frozen french fries and potato chips

The Pemba (?) variety, imports amounted to 1800 tons

Enero 18, 2022
Sources revealed to Al-Mal that 131 thousand tons of potato seeds arrived from European facilities approved for import from last October until early January for 76 approved varieties.

The imported potato seeds are used in the summer season, which is planted at the beginning of January of each year and harvested in May and June. The potatoes produced from them are used as seeds in the following grains, and their fruits are relied upon to export large quantities abroad.

The report issued by the Agricultural Quarantine confirmed that the quantities of the Spunta variety imported to Egypt amounted to 45,000 tons, Cara 21,000 tons, Al Barn 3,000 tons, Bellini 1,400 tons, Pampeana 1800 tons, Arizona 3500 tons, Ceylon 1585 tons, Picasso 350 tons, and Agria 600 tons

PotatoPro note: We tried to identify the individual varieties mentioned in this article (translated from Arabic) to the best of our ability - but some got lost in translation...

Also, Annabel 750 tons, Diamant 2,300 tons, Dunja 1,600 tons, Alpida 830 tons, El Mundo 1,600 tons, Everest 650 tons, Gelatika 775 tons, Jelly 625 tons, Kingsman brand 900 tons, La Strada 500 tons, Lady Balfour 450 tons, Mondial 500 tons, Montreal 488 tons, Naima 220 tons, Aneta 250 tons, Panamera 625 tons, Princess 550 tons, Regina 275 tons, Agata 297 tons, Sifra 324 tons, Synergy 1,480 tons, Universal 316 tons were imported.

The report pointed out that the volume of traditional items that averaged more than 250 tons amounted to 97,000 tons, while industrial items of chips and semi-fried potatoes were imported in quantities ranging from 20 to 25 thousand tons.

Mohamed Farag, a member of the Potato Producers Association, confirmed that these quantities of imported potatoes exceed the actual market needs by 30% in terms of imports from Egypt's needs for cultivating summer potatoes.