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New varieties for potato chips (crisps) impress in trials at Seabrook Crisps

July 23, 2010
A new potato processing variety has yielded well in trials in a difficult growing season.

The new variety from Potato Innovations (PI), known only as YP0243, has yielded nearly 35t/ha of marketable ware in the trials.

YP0243 is due to receive registration as a formal variety this autumn.

"They have been particularly pleased with YP0243, saying it's the best they've had through the factory at this time of year,"said Paul Knight, PI's technical director.

On light land in Fulford, Yorkshire, YP0243 has been yielding 34.6t/ha of marketable ware, compared with around 30.9t/ha from the field reference, specialist crisping variety Lady Rosetta.

All the crisping varieties are being trialled with Seabrook Crisps, which has increased its annual throughput from 8000t to 50,000t in the last three years.

Meanwhile, Russ Kelsey, sales manager at Agrico, said the company was working hard with its growers and breeders to develop its new crisping variety Mustang.

Mustang is similar to Lady Rosetta, boasting the same red skin and creamy flesh, explained Mr Kelsey.

"Tubers have a good shape for processing, and working with Wolds, we've had success not only from Seabrook, but also from small-scale trials with Tayto in Ireland and Mackies in Scotland."

Mr Kelsey said Toluca, a new blight resistant variety from Agrico's organic division, Bioselect UK, could become a strong option for both conventional and organic producers.

"It's a well-performing general-purpose potato, possessing good eating qualities,"he said."
Companies in this Article
Mackie's crisps are made in Scotland with locally farmed potatoes & natural flavourings, cooked to perfection using their unique cooking process. Mackie's of Scotland also manufactures ice cream
Seabrook Crisps is a potato chips manufacturer in the United Kingdom
Agrico is a Dutch farmers cooperative of over 1,300 specialist potato growers, producing in excess of one million tonnes of seed and ware potatoes per year.
Tayto Snacks, formerly known as Largo Foods, is the leading manufacturer and distributor of premium snack foods in Ireland, supplying branded and own label products in the Irish, UK and Continental European markets. Not to be confused with the chips manufacturer Tayto in Northern Ireland.
Since its establishment back in 1920, C. Meijer B.V. has always remained a family business. They are breeding new potato varieties, delivering high-quality seeds to growers, or supplying raw materials for the processing industry.