United States Potato Board
    During late January, the United States Potato Board (USPB) Chip Committee held a conference call with chip processors to gauge their interest in funding an expansion of the material development program to fast track the breeding of new chip-stock potato varieties. On the call were several of the larger regional processors: Utz, Herrs, Shearers, Kettle, Lance, Inventure Group and Better Made. Others were invited, but were unable to attend.

    “The feedback from this call is that the processors are fairly unanimous in wanting to provide additional funding to expand our current material development program,” said David Parish, President of AIS Consulting, LLC and USPB Chip Program Manager. “An information deck on the program will be necessary before a formal commitment will be made.

    “There are many details to be worked out, but it looks like we are getting a united message from the industry that we are going to have the first fully collaborative effort where we have the industry, processor and suppliers all working together and funding a program that will truly make the chip industry unique.”

    Parish has already worked with all of the USPB Chip Committee cooperators in putting together a deck defining the new program, funding requirements, and desired outcomes. This will be available for the Committee and the processors.