At SNAXPO 2013, held earlier this week in Tampa, Florida, Processing Equipment manufacturer Heat and Control showed its new products for snack food processors.

    PotatoPro brings you some of the highlights:

    Modular Dust Collection clears the air

    Airborne seasoning dust creates a hazardous work environment, product cross-contamination, and a sanitation nightmare. Eliminate these problems with our new Modular Dust Collection (MDC) units. Compared to whole-room dust collection systems, Modular Dust Collection units cost about 40% less and can cut energy usage by up to 30%.

    Integrated into each new FastBack Revolution On-Machine Seasoning station, this compact unit collects dust before it escapes the tumble drum. It requires no hood or bracket over the product area. Modular Dust Collection retrofit packages are also available for most existing Revolution On-Machine Seasoning applicators.

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    Heat and Control Modular Dust Collection

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    Set up with several Heat and Control Mastermatic Longitudinal Direct Kettle Fryers

    Economical batch fryer

    Heat and Control offers you now many of the features of its high-end batch fryers in space-saving economy models that produce 200 or 300 finished pounds/hour (91 or 136 kg/hr) of uniform potato chips.

    Heat and Control's Mastermatic Longitudinal Direct Kettle Fryer (LDKF) has a versatile and responsive temperature profile with PLC controls for repeatable quality.

    This kettle fryer also has a Chip-Stirr automatic slice agitating system, automatic oil level control, and a full-coverage hood to improve safety, energy efficiency, and oil quality.

    Clean, accurate weigh-conveying

    WeighBack is a giant step forward for inline weighing, seasoning application, and other weigh-conveying applications.

    Combining direct load cell weight measurement with gentle FastBack horizontal motion conveying, WeighBack is more accurate than vibratory measuring systems and easier to clean and maintain than a weighbelt.

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    Heat and Control Weighback

    WeighBack precisely weighs dry and frozen products at conveying rates up to 40 feet per minute, depending on product.

    Proven reliable in hundreds of installations, its FastBack drive requires no preventive maintenance, can be reused with different pans when line layouts change, and is covered by a 5-year drive train warranty.

    Versatile centrifugal coating application

    Uniformly coat virtually any tree nut, seed, coffee bean, and many other products with Spray Dynamics’ latest Centrifugal Coating System.

    Apply dough and Tamari coatings, topical oil and dry seasoning, and other flavorings.

    Choose sizes available for a wide range of capacities, including three new production models and a Centrifugal Coater designed for lab and R&D applications.

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    Heat and Control Centrifugal Coater for nuts

    Source: Heat and Control