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European Snacks Association (ESA)

Amica Chips and ICA Foods, two major savoury snack companies on the Italian market with a growing international presence, have joined the responsible advertising pledge of the European Snacks Association (ESA).

The decision further strengthens the industry initiative which was set up in April 2010 when ESA became an associate member of the EU Pledge.

The EU Pledge is a voluntary commitment to the EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health. The Platform was set up by the European Commission in 2005 to encourage stakeholders to take initiative in order to tackle overweight and obesity in Europe. ESA endorsed these commitments in order to help promote healthier snacking choices and balanced lifestyles among children.

Sebastian Emig, Director General of ESA, congratulates Amica Chips and ICA Foods on their engagement: “We are pleased to welcome Amica Chips and ICA Foods join the initiative, which further strengthens the contribution of our sector to responsibility in advertising to children. The EU Pledge was recently applauded by the European Commissioner for Health, Tonio Borg, and ESA is proud to be the only association that is part of it so far. The recognised achievements of the EU Pledge prove that such voluntary initiatives engage companies, deliver successful results and make a difference.”

EU Pledge members are committed to changing food and beverage advertising to children under the age of 12 years in the European Union.

As of 1 July 2014, ICA Foods and Amica Chips commit to:

  • No advertising of products on TV, print and internet to children under the age of 12 in the European Union (i.e. advertising to media audiences with a minimum of 35% of children under 12 years)
  • No communication related to products in primary schools, except where specifically requested by, or agreed with, the school administration for educational purposes.

Both companies agreed to meet these criteria, but can go beyond and will take part in the 2015 annual EU Pledge third party monitoring programme.

Alberto Finestauri, CEO of ICA Foods said: “ICA Foods is committed to responsibility in marketing communications. The decision to join the EU Pledge through ESA is thus a logical step that lends weight and credibility to our ambition of supporting parents in promoting healthy lifestyles for their children.”

“We are delighted to become part of the EU Pledge”, said Andrea Romanò, Vice Chairman of Amica Chips, “We fully support the objectives and principles of the initiative, which have long been a strong feature of our corporate policy. Amica Chips is proud of making a contribution to this important programme.”

Amica Chips and ICA Foods join the growing ranks of ESA members which are part of the association’s responsible advertising pledge: Intersnack, KiMs (owned by Orkla), Lorenz Snack-World, Unichips - San Carlo, and Zweifel Pomy-Chips. Four other ESA member companies, Kellogg, Mars, Mondelēz, PepsiCo were already members of the EU Pledge when it was first launched in December 2007. Together these companies represent the bulk of advertising expenditure in the European savoury snack market. ESA will continue to encourage all its members to commit to the EU Pledge in the future