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A new crop of fingerlings... Yes, Party Potatoes are back!

A new crop of fingerlings means... Party Potatoes are back!

Whether it is a new grilling favorite added to your game-day snacks, a fresh finger food paired with dipping sauces or a classically roasted side-dish for your holiday party, party potatoes are perfect for any meal.

September 1, 2018
A new crop of fingerling potatoes, new offerings, let’s party!

Old Oak Farms®, RPE’s core commodity brand, is bringing excitement to the fingerling potato for the third year in a row, with Party Potatoes®.

In hopes of continuing to share this party nationwide, RPE has created multi-themed promotional campaign that will span over the next several months.

Party Potatoes 2017

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RPE will make these fingerling potatoes the unexpected crowd pleaser

Party Potatoes 2016

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Old Oak Farms’ Party Potatoes make fingerling potatoes the life of the party!

The campaign caters to various seasonal occasions that bring people together and give them a reason to celebrate. Friends and family gatherings that include backyard cookouts, tailgating events, football parties and holiday parties are the perfect scene for Party Potatoes.

Fresh, unique and full of flavor, Party Potatoes are fingerling potatoes reimagined and are a versatile option for any household.

If the mouthwatering look of these fingerlings hasn't convinced you, maybe their convenience will?

Kicking-off just in time for Labor Day promotions, Party Potatoes will be your next event’s unexpected crowd pleaser.

Tim Huffcutt, director of marketing at RPE:

“Anybody who has entertained can relate to the idea of creating memorable experiences without a lot of effort.”

“Party Potatoes cook equally well if roasted or grilled and when paired with favorite dipping sauces compliment the main course served at any gathering.”
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Offered in a high-graphic 24-ounce poly-mesh bag, Party Potatoes will feature custom resources for each themed promotion.

Offered in a high-graphic 24-ounce poly-mesh bag, Party Potatoes will feature custom resources for each themed promotion.

A value-added marketing plan is in place for all customers including a brand new party guide, new recipes, retail shippers and display bins, social media graphics, banners, informative infographics and videos, giveaways and much more!

Contact your RPE sales representative for details.

To join the party, visit www.oldoakfarms.com/partypotatoes.
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