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Potato News from Idaho

Pass the Potassium, with Idaho Potatoes
Idaho® potatoes are a significant source of potassium - an essential nutrient that many Americans do not get enough of on a daily basis.
Quick and early disease detection by drones with hyperspectral camera
Idaho State University researchers have found high-tech cameras mounted on drones flying 60 meters above potato fields can effectively detect individual diseased and stressed plants.
Simplot's Second Generation Innate® Potato Receives FDA Safety Clearance
The Food and Drug Administration has completed its food and feed safety assessment of the J.R. Simplot Company’s second generation of Innate® potatoes. Simplot will still need to complete its registration with the Environmental Protection Agency for these potatoes before introducing them for sale in the U.S. marketplace.
EEUU aprueba papa genéticamente modificada
En una carta dirigida el martes a J.R. Simplot Co., con sede en Idaho, la FDA dijo que la papa no es sustancialmente diferente en composición o seguridad a otros productos que ya están en el mercado, y no suscita ningún cuestionamiento por el que la agencia tuviera que realizar exámenes más rigurosos antes de que sea comercializada.
Wednesday, January 13, 2016
Idaho Potato Commission Appoints James Hoff as new Commissioner
The Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) announced the recent appointment of James Hoff as a new Commissioner who will serve a three-year term. James Hoff of Hoff Farms in Idaho Falls will be formally sworn in at the IPC’s October meeting.
Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Idaho Potato Farmers optimistic about approaching harvest
With digging season just around the corner, eastern Idaho potato farmers say they are optimistic they will improve on a middling 2014 harvest this year.
Thursday, September 10, 2015
REYCO Systems® EcoMiser™ Oil Removal System
REYCO Systems® and its partner companies Idaho Steel Products and Kiremko today announced the release of the EcoMiser™ Oil Removal System.
Innate™ generation two in this field survived late blight infection
The J.R. Simplot Company is pleased that the USDA has deregulated the Russet Burbank variety of the second generation of Innate™ potatoes. Simplot is looking forward to the completion of the EPA registration and FDA consultation before the second generation of Innate™ potatoes can be introduced into the marketplace.
Idaho Potato Commission redesign website
The Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) recently updated its website to make it easier than ever for consumers to spend quality time online with Idaho® potatoes.
Southwind Farms Fingerling potato shipping in full swing
The new season’s fingerling potato crop looks outstanding for Heyburn, Idaho’s Southwind Farms. The company reports excellent quality, consistent sizing, and good yields.