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Potato News from Washington

Key Technology Expands Global Service and Support
Key Technology announces the expansion of its global customer service and support.
Potato consumption Western Australia grows
Potato growers in Western Australia have invested heavily in a potato marketing program aimed at stopping the decline in consumption per capita of fresh potatoes.
Matthew Blua (Courtesy: Matthew Blua)
The Washington State Potato Commission has hired a new director of industry outreach, Matthew Blua
Wednesday, March 4, 2015
Tentative agreement US West Coast Ports - but effects may last
Columbia Basin potato processors slowed down during the West Coast port impasse, making fewer potatoes into french fries, hash browns and other potato products shipped around the world.
Australia's first hot chip vending machines to be rolled out by the end of the year
Western Australian potatoes will soon be available around the country with just the push of a button, as Australia's first hot chip vending machines (French Fries) are rolled out.
Key Technology: Information Analytics
Key Technology announces the availability of Information Analytics, a powerful suite of software capabilities embedded within Key’s digital sorters.
Ryan Holterhoff
Once again, the Washington State Potato Commission and Oregon Potato Commission have joined forces in the planning and execution of the 2015 Washington/Oregon Potato Conference, Jan. 27-29.
New Specialty potatoes: Delicious, Nutritious and Colorful
Agricultural Research Service scientists have bred and released colorful new potato varieties. Some have relatively high levels of beneficial red-to-purple pigments called “anthocyanins,” and others have high levels of yellow-pigmented carotenoids
Pulsemaster introduces new generation PEF technology for potato processing
The innovative Dutch company Pulsemaster introduces a new generation PEF (pulsed electric field) technology that significantly improves potato processing.
Key Technology Introduces CIT Hyperspectral Imaging Module for ADR 5 to remove “Sugar Ends”
Key Technology introduces hyperspectral imaging on its popular ADR® 5 automatic defect removal system for potato strips to detect and remove sugar ends.