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Potato News from California

Klondike Royale
Potandon Produce LLC will be showcasing two new varieties at the upcoming PMA show, the Klondike Royale, a wonderful yellow fleshed potato and Smiley’s, a petite yellow-fleshed potato with naturally occurring marks on the surface of the skin which resemble smiles.
Lawsuit challenging Kettle Chip 'Reduced Fat' Claim Will Proceed
The makers of Kettle brand chips persuaded a federal judge to dismiss claims that its 'reduced fat sea salt chips' were falsely advertised, though the judge gave the plaintiff leave to amend his complaint.
TOMRA Sorting’s top executives at the grand opening of their new state-of-the-art West Sacremento facility.
TOMRA Sorting Solutions US Food division held its official office opening on Wednesday, June 18 - in its new state-of-the-art facility in West Sacramento, California.
Batch potato chip fryer delivers higher capacity
To help snack processors meet the increasing demand for kettle-style potato chips, Heat and Control’s MasterTherm Kettle Fryer (MTKF) can produce over 500 finished lbs/hr (227 kg/hr)
Heat and Control prepares another BF-360 enclosed Batch Fryer for shipping
Heat and Control’s latest BF-360 Batch Fryer combines an enclosed cooking area with automatic control of temperature, slice agitation, batch loading, and unloading to produce consistent hard-bite kettle-style potato chips.
Key Technology's Innovations and Solutions Center in Walla Walla Washington
Key Technology strengthens its commitment to California food processors by expanding its Innovation and Solutions Center (ISC) and local service capabilities in Sacramento, California, USA.
Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Heat and Control crispy coated french fry system
Over 35,000 finished pounds/hour (16 tons/hour) of crispy batter-coated french fries will be produced for fast-food lovers using Heat and Control’s latest batter applicator and multi-zone fryer system.
Thursday, July 25, 2013
 Keith Belling
Keith Belling quit his job as a corporate lawyer at age 27 and spent the next 15 years running a series of businesses, including a restaurant chain and a website for small businesses. In 2005, he set out to create a new snack with one of his former em...
Thursday, February 21, 2013
 Sprout inhibitor research WSU
American Vanguard Corporation (NYSE:AVD) announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, AMVAC Chemical Corporation (AMVAC), has received registration from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for SmartBlock®, a novel potato sprout inhibitor.
Cool Oil for Hot Profit
How much profit would one more hour of production give you? An Oil Cooler Module from Heat and Control, Inc. provides the answer by cutting up to an hour off the wait between production and sanitation for most any fryer.
Friday, December 23, 2011