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Potato News from Wisconsin

Tasteful Selections bite-sized potatoes help consumers Keep Their Menus Fresh
Tasteful Selections™, a specialty potato brand from RPE Inc., will launch the second quarter of its yearlong Fresh campaign on April 1
Genome of the Colorado Potato Beetle studied as a model species for agricultural pest
The Colorado potato beetle is notorious for its role in starting the pesticide industry - and for its ability to resist the insecticides developed to stop it. Now scientists have sequenced the beetle’s genome, probing its genes for clues to its surprising adaptability.
Tasteful Selections highlights bite-sized potatoes in yearlong Fresh Campaign
Tasteful Selections™, a specialty potato brand from RPE Inc., proudly announces the launch of its yearlong Always Fresh campaign, with insights and inspiration revolving around healthy, nutritious recipes and kitchen tips for more confident meal preparation.
Potatoes USA Organises First Ever School Foodservice Potato Recipe Testing Roadshow
Earlier this month representatives from Potatoes USA met with the School District of LaCrosse, Wisconsin to test school foodservice recipes with the K-12 experts themselves.
Tasteful Selections to introduce unique item to the potato category—SteamPak Mini
Tasteful Selections™, a specialty potato brand from RPE Inc., is pleased to bring a new item to the potato category—introducing SteamPak Mini!
Tasteful Selections releases new black Take & Shake cup with gluten-free seasonings
Tasteful Selections is eager to offer new black Take & Shake cups with gluten-free seasonings!
RPE brings a new crop and a new life to Old Oak Farms® Party Potatoes®
Old Oak Farms®, RPE’s core commodity brand, is bringing new life to the fingerling potato category with Party Potatoes®. In hopes to share the party nationwide, RPE has created multi-themed promotional campaign that will span over the next several months.
New Wisconsin State laws force potato growers to apply best practices
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed two new measures involving the potato industry last Wednesday. One law makes use of certified seed potatoes mandatory, the other enforces a faster response to the presence of late blight
The Little Potato Company Celebrates the Official Grand Opening of its New Processing Facility in DeForest Wisconsin
The Little Potato Company celebrated the official grand opening of its new U.S. processing facility in DeForest, near Madison, Wisconsin on July 27, 2017.
Volm Companies and Wyma Solutions Announce North American Strategic Partnership
Volm Companies, the leading North American supplier of fresh produce packaging and equipment automation solutions, today announced a formal strategic partnership with Wyma Solutions, the global expert in post-harvest fresh and processed handling solutions.