FLO-STARCH® Starch & Water Recovery System for the recovery of native potato starch from processing water
FLO-STARCH® Starch and Water Recovery System
FLO-STARCH® Starch and Water Recovery System separates starch from process water and deposits the starch in large bags for re-sale or re-use.
The Heat and Control Unitized Vacuum Fryer makes vacuum frying versatile and simple. This self-contained vacuum fryer saves space & controls acrylamide.
Unitized Vacuum Fryer
Versatile vacuum frying made simple. Self-contained vacuum fryer saves space & controls acrylamide.
Allround Potato Screen sizer SS-90
Screen sizer
The Allround Screen sizer is designed to grade according to the square or hexagonal size. the machine has a vibrating rotatling rubber bed with openings. is the product smaller than the opening, it falls on a belt.
Flo-Mech Frying-Heating System
Frying-Heating System
Flo-Mech Frying-Heating System designed and fitted to a range of frying processes and capacities. A robust technical solution with system reliability = ~99.5%
Experience more efficient and dependable snack food case packing.
Ishida ACP-700 Automated Snack Food Case Packer
The ACP-700 Case Packer can pack small and large pillow style bags, standup major, standup minor, side pack, as well as multiple pack patterns within the case.
Allround Inspection unit in belt
Inspection unit in belt
The Allround​ Belt inspection table is used for manual sorting of the waste between the products. It allows you to pick out the rotten products and other waste, which can be disposed of onto the waste belt between the two belts.
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NSSPL Dehumidifier
NSSPL’s dehumidifiers are designed with the latest technologies with world-class engineering aimed at catering to Cold Storage, Processing Units, Pharmaceuticals, Leather and Defence, etc.
Kiremko Primary Oil Filter
Primary Oil Filter
The Primary Oil Filter filters the oil of an entire frying system, making sure the oil is clean and crumb-free. With the very narrow pass, the POF provides a better result than most other filters installed in this part of a processing line.
Wyma Gooseneck Box Filler
Gooseneck Box Filler
Wyma's Gooseneck Bin Filler gently fills bins with produce. The gooseneck outfeed means the distance between the end of the elevator and the bottom of the bin is minimal to avoid produce damage.
Wyma Combi-System
Our Combi-System combines a Tank Destoner, Barrel Washer and Floating Debris Remover. Produce and stones are fed into the Tank Destoner.
tna batch-pro® 12
batch-pro® 12
FOODesign batch-pro® 12 batch fries a wide selection vegetable chips including potato, taro, banana and plantain.
TAV-Flavors Technologies SFCS HERA
Hera Smart Flavour Solid system
Hera is a compact equipment for small and medium-scale production, designed to operate at the end of the production line. In this way, it is possible to apply different flavors simultaneously, giving more flexibility to the process.
Tecno Alimentaria Valenciana - GoSync Accumulation Trays
Accumulation Trays
Optimize product flow regulations and homogenize the flow rate, using accumulation hoppers as required.
Rosenqvists Star Wheel Frying System for Pellets
Star Wheel Frying System for Pellets
Rosenqvists Star Wheel Frying System for Pellets has 25 years of experience with the design. Their patented Star Wheel Fryer can ensure an exact frying time since each pellet falls to a separated space in the rotary fryer.
Rosenqvists RoastR – roasting pellets in salt
Rosenqvists RoastR traditionally cooks snack pellets and is expanded using frying oil or hot air as heat transfer media. With RoastR, heat is applied through salt - the next step in snack innovation.
Multi Zone-Chips Frying System
Multi-Zone Chips Frying System
Rosenqvists Food Technologies have designed the Multi-Zone Chips Fryer to give the final product the desired characteristics, for optimal control of the frying process.
Premium Veggie Decker
Premium Veggie Decker
A mouthwatering, sumptuous veggie-potato bite, encapsulated in a crisp coating, decked with breadcrumbs is definitely the food lover’s heaven! Sure a blockbuster from their kitty.
Allround Industrial Potato washing line 500 series (1)
Industrial Potato washing line 500 series
This line is designed to wash industrial potatoes. The principle is that a box is placed in the machine, which then slowly tilts the box so that a hopper or elevator is filled.


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