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Conveying and Handling Equipment

Conveying and Handling

FoodeQ Dosing Vibratory Conveyors
Vibratory Conveyor to dose product on a belt by varying the stroke step from 0-9 mm.
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FoodeQ Vibratory Length Graders
FoodeQ has experience in grading/sorting a wide range of products, including french fries.
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FoodeQ Eqlipse dosing vibratory conveyor
The FoodeQ Eqlipse is a dosing vibratory conveyor combined with a single head weigher, designed to turn bulk into batches with a high accuracy.
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FoodeQ Dewatering Vibratory Conveyors
Vibratory conveyor to separate product from a water flow. Water will flow back to the pump system and the product will be transported straight forward.
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Robotic Palletizing Systems
Fuji Robotics is the World's Leading Robotics Palletizer. The first palletizing robot (1982), Fuji has been the pioneer ever since. With 16,000 installations worldwide Fuji offers the highest palletizing rates and lowest TCO.
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Schouten Octabin Filler
Complete system to automatically weigh, fill and stack octabins (boxes of 200 kg). Capacity of 30 pallets per hour, 2 minutes per pallet.
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