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Ads for potato products

Ads for potato products

West Australian Potato Growers want you to eat potatoes EVERY day...
West Australian potato growers want their potatoes back on dinner plates every day to help ease a massive glut. The advertising campaign - named Todatoes - began Saturday night with the start of a prime-time television advertising campaign.
Big Idaho Potato Truck wins PR award for putting the truck on a barge in New York City
The Big Idaho® Potato Truck has been making heads turn for six years. The splash it made in NYC in August 2016 was so big it earned the 6-ton spud the prestigious Bulldog Reporter's Silver Award for Best Special Event.
The Big Idaho® Potato Truck is back on the road for its 6th national tour
The Big Idaho® Potato Truck is back on America's highways promoting Idaho's most famous agricultural product, the Idaho® potato.
New 'Big Idaho Potato Truck' Commercial starts airing tomorrow.
The Idaho Potato Commission is on a roll! Tomorrow they start airing the latest installment in their series of commercials starring the Big Idaho® Potato Truck, now in its sixth(!) year.
Lay's surprises Seattle with Brazilian Carnival to bring the Brazilian Picanha flavor to life
As part of the Lay's 'Passport to Flavor' program, onlookers at the Amazon Treasure Truck in Occidental Square in Seattle, Washington were surprised by an over-the-top cultural experience.
Kettle Foods Ltd supports Kettle Bites with GBP 1.5 million campaign.
In the United Kingdom, Kettle Foods Ltd is supporting the KETTLE® Bites range throughout May and June, with the aim of educating target consumers that the new products offer great taste, but also a lighter eat for everyday snacking
The big deal about April 26? Pretzels, Baby
Snyder's of Hanover® – the No. 1 pretzel brand in the United States – is bringing swagger back to the pretzel category on National Pretzel Day. On April 26, they're giving away thousands of bags of boldly-flavored Pretzel Pieces near baseball stadiums in eight cities around the country.
Black Gold Farms is expanding its succesful locally grown program
Black Gold Farms understands the importance of marketing and merchandising to driving volume & profit growth for their retail customers, and nowhere is this more evident than with Black Gold Farms locally-grown initiatives.