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Seeking a solution to the seed potato stand-off between Europe and the United Kingdom and

NFU Scotland vice president Andrew Connon has described the post-Brexit cessation of seed exports to Europe as 'purely political and totally unacceptable'.

European potato growers want Scottish seed – and it is high time the trade with the continent was reinstated. NFU Scotland vice president Andrew Connon has described the post-Brexit cessation of seed exports to Europe as "purely political and totally unacceptable".

Specialists Solana Seeds at Wester spoke at the official opening of a new Scottish base for seed potato near Forfar.

Andrew Connon, vice president at NFU Scotland  specialist  at Solana Seeds at Wester Meathie:
"Scottish seed potato producers have done a tremendous job over many decades in establishing Scottish grown seed potatoes as a leading global brand. We have an industry to be proud of, whilst the degree of specialization and technical expertise within the sector is second to none."

"The biggest issue we face is the lack of a current export market to Europe. With more than 75% of GB’s seed potato exports coming from Scotland, this situation has caused chaos for many growers. The unjust situation in place until the end of June, whereby EU Seed could come in whilst UK exports were halted should never have been allowed to happen."

"However, we need to find a sustainable solution to the issue and soon. We continue to lobby hard and are liaising with Scottish Government, the UK Government, Defra, the European potato trade and membership bodies, as well as the wider potato sector in Scotland. It is apparent that European growers want our seed potatoes whilst some UK growers have a need for imports from Europe."

"The EU trade situation is a bad one for the whole potato sector, with no winners. As we move forward, we must think about what’s best in the long-term for the Scottish potato sector."
Mr Connon stressed that the seed potato trade between the EU and GB must be reciprocal, and any one-way trade deals with individual members states would be extremely unwelcome. However, they must be mindful that almost 80,000 tonnes of Scottish seed potatoes are exported to non-EU countries with the potential for increased trade with Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Canary Islands, Saudi Arabia and Thailand.

They want to see Scotland’s reputation for seed potatoes continue to grow worldwide and it is truly refreshing to see Solana Seeds investing in a Scottish base at Wester Meathie. Mr Connon used the occasion to underline the work NFU Scotland had undertaken to prepare the industry for the wind-down of levy body AHDB’s potatoes function.

Andrew Connon:
"NFUS has conducted a survey in conjunction with the Scottish Society for Crop Research to identify which of AHDB’s functions are most valued by the industry. The results, once available, will be used to help us lobby both government and industry about future support for the potato sector after AHDB has wound down."
This will ensure that valued functions will continue to be carried out. It will also help start the process of identifying who should be responsible for them in future, and how they should be funded.