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Potato News from Afghanistan

Potato harvest in the Bamyan province of Afghanistan to reach 370.000 tons
The Afghan Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) has revealed that the potato harvest in the Bamyan Province would reach up to 370,000 tons this year.
Feature: Afghan Bamiyan people turn to potato-growing to make a living
The picturesque Bamiyan province with its beautiful landscape has been a popular tourist destination in the conflict-ridden Afghanistan over the past decades, and growing potatoes in recent years has added to Bamiyan's natural charm.
Afghanistan: Demand for local Mr. Kachaloo Potato Chips exceeds production capacity
A startup in Afghanistan is working hard to produce its Mr. Kachaloo Potato Chips, mostly by hand. The company currently sells two tonnes of potato crisps a month - but they could sell more...
Potato production in Bamyan, Afghanistan increases 15 percent to 350,000 tonnes this year
Bamyan, the largest potato producing province in Afghanistan, produced 350,000 tons this year, an increase of 15 percent compared to last year.
Afghan Agriculture Ministry builds 500 additional potato storages in Bamyan
The Afghan Ministry of Agriculture has funded construction of over 500 potato storages for farmers in Bamyan province.
Afghanistan could be self-sufficient in potatoes with proper storage facilities
Afghanistan would be self-sufficient in potato if proper cultivation and storage strategies were introduced in central Bamyan province, according to an official.
Tuesday, March 25, 2014