Interpom | Primeurs 2010

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INTERPOM | PRIMEURS is a leading trade fair for potatoes, fruit and vegetables in Belgium

Since the first edition of Interpom in Kortrijk, the number of exhibitors and visitors has grown steadily, and the event has achieved international recognition.

In 2003, fruit and vegetables made their debut at the event.

Interpom | Primeurs 2008 welcomed a total of 13858 visitors, 11.5% more than at the previous event in 2006.

INTERPOM PRIMEURS 2010 edition presents 223 exhibitors (+22%!) and expects more than 14 500 professional visitors.

Interpom | Primeurs 2010: beating all records!

Read the PotatoPro Newsletter Special on INTERPOM |PRIMEURS 2010 with a selection of products to look out for on the show.

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