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ProEx Food LLC

Company Description
We design, manufacture and install all the equipment for your project.

We provide customized solutions for our customers for platforms for any kind of food processing equipment as well as conveyors like infeed conveyors, product transport conveyors, roller conveyors and conveyors to the packaging machine.

We manufacture control panels according to the customer specifications. We provide you control panels for not only each pieces of equipment but also a central control panel for customer's processing lines.

Here are the the complete processing line that we offer:

1. Potato processing

2. Fresh Sweet Corn processing

3. Processed Sweet Corn

4. Green Bean processing

5. Pea Processing

6. Red Beet processing

7. Carrots processing

8. Cauliflower / Broccoli processing

9. Dry Beans processing

10. Edamame / Soy Beans processing

11. Onions processing

12. Mushrooms processing
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Contact Information
2906 E Newport Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53211
United States
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