Seed Potato Company HZPC publishes its latest CSR Report

HZPC is a world leader in the marketing of seed potatoes for processing and table potato markets.

How can we feed 9.8 billion world citizens in 2050? And provide them with nutrient-rich food that is produced quickly, with little fresh water and the least possible footprint?

That's the question Dutch seed potato company HZPC tries to answer over and over in their daily work. The progress made can be found in their latest CSR Report 2016/2017.

In this report you can read more about HZPC's sustainability policy and all the actions they have taken in the past two years.

HZPC focuses on three pillars of sustainability:

  • Environmental stewardship
  • the contribution to food security
  • Social impact

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

As a company in the agricultural sector, a healthy soil is our greatest asset. Natural resources must be respected and protected.

To contribute to responsible use of the earth's resources we focus on developing sustainable varieties, reducing transport kilometers and taking more responsibilities in the chain.

Gerard Backx, CEO HZPC Holding B.V.:

“We recently entered into a dialogue with our stakeholders on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).”

“Which topics do they consider important when it comes to CSR within HZPC? Our customers around the world are placing increasing emphasis on chain management.”

“This is in line with HZPC's focus on efficient land use, environmentally friendly cultivation and less consumption of fresh water.”

Contribution to Food Security

Contribution to Food Security

The worldwide food demand continues to grow immensely. As market leader in potato breeding, we have a major responsibility in this.

We contribute to 'feeding the world' by e.g. developing new varieties with high (intrinsic) qualities for cultivation under difficult conditions, exporting to more countries and ensuring genetic diversity.

Gerard Backx:

“The highest possible yield per hectare and the smallest possible footprint. That is where our focus lies. With adapted varieties you can produce sufficient, healthy and affordable food anywhere in the world.”

“This will strengthen the population. As a crop, the potato literally has everything to combat hunger and poverty.”

“We take risks when it comes to complying with our vision: Feeding the world. We export to places where others do not deliver (any more), like Syria, where a humanitarian disaster has been ongoing for years.”

“It is about people for us, whereby we keep ourselves separate from struggles, both of a political and religious nature.”

Social Impact

Social Impact

In addition to reducing our footprint and contributing to food security, we also want to have a positive impact on the social environment.

We do this by contributing to a healthy diet (develop healthier varieties/concepts), good employment practices, social responsibility with regard to our test fields, and through transparency in the dialogue with our stakeholders.

Besides, it is important for us to obtain and retain talent and ensure that no child labour takes place.

Gerard Backx:

“Within HZPC we see the potato as a unique game-changer. It is a crop that contributes to the solution of the world food problem.”

“This connects us to our growers, our stakeholders and a world full of people. That makes me proud.”

(Click to access HZPC's full CSR Report)

HZPC's CSR report for 2016/2017 is also available in Dutch