W.P. Griffin Inc. is a family owned grower, packer and shipper of potatoes, located on Prince Edward Island, Canada.
Wada Farms grows, packs and markets potatoes and a range of other products.
Walther Farms is a supplier of commercial and seed potatoes for the potato chip and fresh table stock markets grown throughout the United States.
Agripom/Warnez is a Belgium based family business taking care of the packaging of fresh potatoes
WCF Horticulture is a leading packer and supply chain manager to the horticultural sector, specialising in seed potatoes and live product including plants and bulbs.
Wesgrow Potatoes is a seed potato grower in South Africa.
Western Laboratories does soil and tissue testing for fertility and diseases, such as nematodes
For more than 30 years Westhoeve Potatoes supply fresh potatoes worldwide. By working closely with a large number of local farmers, we are always assured of high quality and fresh ware potatoes.
The White Russet™ potato is a better potato with reduced bruising and fewer black spots than typical Russets.
WIFO-Anema BV develops and manufactures agricultural machines and forklift truck attachments for agricultural and industrial use.