Iberian Potatoes; With more than half a century of experience, it enjoys a well-deserved prestige thanks to its way of understanding the market and anticipating its demands. The philosophy of Iberian Potatoes is based on the direct and exhaustive control of the quality of the potato.
Iden Biotechnology is a biotechnological company operating in the agricultural space, developing products and integrated solutions for crop yield and quality enhancement.
Inan-Meijer is a supplier of seed potatoes in Turkey.
Industrial Ventilation Inc is a supplier of potato storage ventilation systems.
Information Resources, Inc. provides market and consumer information, predictive analysis, and foresight services.
Ingredients Brokers International is an independent broker based out of The Netherlands.
The Inner Mongolia Grade Seed Potato Co., Ltd. is a Chinese supplier of seed and table potatoes.
Inner Mongolia Linkage Potato Co. Ltd is a company in China involved with all aspects of the potato chain (minitubers, seed potatoes, potatoes, potato flakes and planning french fry production in a JV with Farm Frites)
Inner Mongolia Minfeng Potato Seed Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company offering potatoes (seed, table, processing)
Inner Mongolia Top starch is a supplier of fresh potato,native potato starch, potato flakes, potato granules, modified starch(alpha starch and other modified), potato protein and potato dextrin