Empresas en Nueva Zelanda


Wyma Engineering (NZ) Ltd

Wyma Engineering (NZ) Ltd es un fabricante de equipos para el manejo post-cosecha de papas y otras verduras.

A. S. Wilcox and Sons Ltd

A. S. Wilcox and Sons Ltd was established in 1954 and has continued to grow and market potatoes, onions and carrots ever since, becoming an integral part of New Zealand’s agricultural industry.

Balle Bros Group Ltd

Balle Bros Group Ltd is a leading producer produce, potatoes and french fries (Mr. Chips)

BBC Technologies, part of the TOMRA Food family

BBC Technologies is the global leader in complete turnkey solutions for grading, optimizing, and packing small fruit. Founded by growers, they specialize in soft, delicate varieties in which their industry-leading technology preserves the natural characteristics of each piece of fruit.

Bluebird Foods Ltd

Bluebird Foods Ltd is the largest manufacturer of chips and snacks in New Zealand. Bluebird Foods became part of  Pepsico (Frito-Lay) in 2006. 

Compac, part of the TOMRA Food family

Compac provides integrated post-harvest solutions and services to the global fresh produce industry using the world’s most advanced grading technology.

DNL New Zealand

DNL Group, established in 1970, provide New Zealand’s most advanced processing and packaging systems. The company provides solutions to all types of processing or packaging requirements that can be designed, engineered, delivered, and supported.


Eta is a producer of chips and snacks from New Zealand and a brand of The Griffin's Food Company. Their range includes Eta Ripple Cut, Thick Cut, Uppercuts, Munchos, Sancho, Cheese Balls and Eta Nuts.


Eurogrow Potatoes is the leading supplier of seed potatoes in New Zealand. Eurogrow has been operating in New Zealand since 1984. Trading is primarily in proprietary lines sourced from the leading potato breeders throughout the world.

Fertilizer New Zealand Ltd.

Fertilizer New Zealand has a full range of conventional and BioGro certified products. They include; BioGest for septic tanks, RPR fertilisers, VerteSea, VerteBlack, Actavize and SynerLogic fertilisers.

Food Machinery Australasia Ltd

Food Machinery Australasia Ltd is a manufacturer of food processing machinery and food processing factories based in New Zealand. FMA specializes in all types of Vegetable and Fruit processing solutions.

FPS Food Process Solutions New Zealand Ltd.

FPS Food Process Solutions (NZ) Ltd. office in Auckland, New Zealand

Fresher Foods Ltd.

Fresher Foods Ltd. is a small independent french fries Manufacturer in New Zealand.

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Global Pac Technologies

Global Pac Technologies is a joint venture between JENKINS GROUP and VAN DOREN SALES.

Golden Bay Dolomite

Golden Bay Dolomite is predominantly a mixture of calcium and magnesium carbonates, both of which are critical inputs for soil, plant, and animal health complementing your existing fertilizer programme on pastoral farms.

Heartland Potato Chips

Heartland Potato Chips is a Potato chip manufacturer in New Zealand.

Jenkins Freshpac Systems

Jenkins Freshpac Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Jenkins Group,they provide innovative end-to-end packaging solutions. Their progressive packhouse solutions cover everything from labels and tags, to automation and machinery, packaging and consumables, and technical service and support.

Kettle Chip Company

Kettle Chip Company is a brand of The Griffin's Food Company, which uses New Zealand grown potatoes to produce Kettle Chips.

Makikihi Fries

Makikihi Fries is a manufacturer of Frozen French Fries in New Zealand. Owned by the Bleeker family, Makikihi Fries was started in 1983 by Jac Bleeker, who came to New Zealand in 1952 from Holland.


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