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Ballreich's Bros Inc is a chips manufacturing company in Ohio, United States.
Bob Evans farms, Inc is a publicly traded company focused on the production of convenience foods, including a range of potato products. Prior to 2017, the company also owned and operated a restaurant chain of over 500 full-service restaurants.
Conn's Chips is a local producer of traditional chips in Ohio, United States
Frito Lay production facility in Canton, Ohio
Frito Lay production facility in Wooster, Ohio
Grippo's manufactures potato chips and other potato-based snacks.
Grote Company is a leading manufacturer of food slicing and assembly equipment for the large scale preparation of products such as sandwiches and pizza. 
Hen of the Woods is a manufacturer of kettle-style potato chips based in Ohio, United States
While pressure fryers continue to be a cornerstone of the Henny Penny company, their business has expanded to include cooking, holding and merchandising equipment for the foodservice industry.
Jones Potato Chips is a family owned potato chips manufacturer in Ohio, US. Jones produces Potato Sticks & Crispy Fries, a ribbon style fried potato product in addition to Potato Chips.