Udapa S.Coop was born 1993 with the intention to innovate to improve and professionalize production processes, management and marketing of fresh potatoes.
The Ukrainian Association of Potato Producers represents the interests of the potato industry of Ukraine. There was also a need among the manufacturers themselves to join forces around truly important industry issues.
The office of Wulanchabu Potato Electronic Trading Co., Ltd. is located in Wulanchabu, an important international channel leading to Mongolia, Russia and Eastern Europe
ULMA Packaging, is a specialist in the design and production of packaging equipment and services.
Founded in 1918, the Ulster Farmers' Union (UFU) is the largest democratic voluntary organisation representing farmers andUFU headquarters
growers in Northern Ireland.
ültje GmbH is a German manufacturer of nuts and nut products under the Intersnack group.
Holding company of : <ul> <li>San Carlo Gruppo Alimentare SpA </li> <li>PAI SpA </li> <li>Del Grossi SpA </li></ul> Italian leading company in chips &amp;snacks market. with the following brands : San Carlo, Wacko's, Junior, Autentica Trattoria, PAI. Also producing bakery and cakes.
UniFood is an Egyptian company specialised in the production and marketing of frozen range of products: pre-fried potatoes, potato specialties, appetizers, vegetables, fruits, processed chicken and processed meat.
UNIKA (Union der Deutschen Kartoffelwirtschaft) is the industry association representing the interests of the potato industry in Germany
Union Nationale des producteurs de Pommes de Terre (UNPT) is an association representing Potato Growers in France.