Artisan Tropic is a healthy snack brand committed to providing fresh, all-natural, healthy and nutritious whole foods.
Bühler Aeroglide manufactures industrial dryers, ovens, roasters, toasters, blanchers and coolers for food processors (including potato products and snacks).
Good Health Natural Foods is a snack manufacturer offering a number of innovative snacks, such as Avocado oil potato chips, Olive oil potato chips and Humbles Baked Hummus Chips.
Gough Econ Inc. is a manufacturer of bucket elevators and conveyor systems. The snack food industry</a> is one of the many sector where their products are used. 
The NC State University operates an extensive sweet potato breeding and genetics program. In addition, the NCSU participates in the collaborative Eastern Potato Variety Development Projects
The North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission Inc. (NCSPC) is a nonprofit corporation made up of over 400 sweet potato growers along with the packers, processors and business associates that support them.
Rap Snacks Inc., based in Greensboro, North Carolina, had a breakout year in 2006, selling over 3 million bags of chips featuring images of rappers like Murphy Lee, Mack 10, Stat Quo and Romeo's father, Master P.
Snyder's - Lance is the company formed from the merger of <a href="/node/971">Lance, Inc</a> and <a href="/node/1013">Snyder's of Hanover</a>. Snyder's - Lance is the second largest savory snack manufacturer in the United States
Texmac Inc is a machine parts manufacturer based out of Charlotte, North Carolina.
The North Carolina Potato Association is the oldest commodity association in North Carolina. The Association was formed in 1928 by a group of potato growers in Northeast North Carolina who decided this was an avenue to take to get area potato growers to work together.