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Tecnoma is plant protection specialist from Epernay France.
Tereos Syral processes maize, wheat, potato and cassava to manufacture a wide range of value added products in compliance with the current and future requirements of various industries. Tereos Syral is a major European producer of starch and derivatives.
Top Pom is a producer and marketer of ware potatoes with more than 10 years' expertise in international markets. Its growers are located in the five main regions of potato production in France (Beauce, Seine-Maritime, Picardie, Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Champagne-Ardenne)
Union Nationale des producteurs de Pommes de Terre (UNPT) is an association representing Potato Growers in France.
Van Rijn France (VRF) is a French company specialized in the introduction, development and sales of seed potatoes.