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Nuestras patatas Catalán son de variedad Agria, y esto quiere decir que son especiales para freír.
Patatas Fritas Torres S.L. is a Spanish manufacturer of Kettle style potato chips, branded "Torres"
Patatas Gomez is a family business in Zaragoza that already has more than 50 years of experience in the world of potatoes over three generations.
En Patatas Meléndez trabajamos para llevar a tu mesa las mejores patatas, aquellas que podemos asegurar su origen, donde nacen y cómo han crecido.
Paturpat is a Spanish Company specialized in processing and marketing steamed potatoes. Branded Depatata, the ready to eat potatoes are sold to industry, in food service and in retail.
Pepsur Marketing is a Spanish company marketing and distributing seed potatoes in Spain and Portugal
The association of Producers and Exporters Andalusian Early Potatoes belongs to Asociafruit, a non-profit association representing the producers and exporters of fruits and vegetables in Andalusia and Extremadura.
Productos Hermanos Sojo, SLL is a manufacturer of potato chips in Seville, Spain offering their potato chips branded Patatas Fritas Bandera, Los Peques or La Perdiz